Primonial Immobilier – Alex & Marine

Byart conducts the cultural strategy of Primonial group. The ambition is to turn workplaces into lively and vibrant places open to the world around, creativity and art.

For the co-working Christophe Colomb in Clichy, Byart has asked for the artists Alex & Marine to redesign the space.  

As the objective is to abolish the boundaries between life and work, the artists have offered us an imaginary journey, a chimerical world where dream and reality are mixed.

Alex and Marine have worked into the co-working during one month.

They have transformed an English Taxi into a cosmic totem and imagined 3 different journeys:

A jungle for the auditorium

A starry night for the hallway

The cosmos for the bar

They have also created unique edit objects for the co- working ( pillows, wall papers …)